Could anyone give me advice on which way to go? The Yamaha DTExtremeIIS is tops for at home practice and play, even if you prefer acoustic kits, because your hours of play only brings a ringing to your ears and not the cops at your door bell. I’ve owned two Yamaha DTX 2. I think the sounds are great and combined with the feel of the impact on the drums and cymbals Perhaps the hardest to work around is the way in which the hi-hat works and feels. See the next page for more information on sampling. Test drive all you can, decide what you can afford, take the plunge and have fun.

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All we need is the first payment up front and the rest in easy monthly payments! If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please visit our Forum Talk Section for yamaha dtxtreme iis remedies.

As one dtxtremme the runners in what is pretty much a two-horse electronic percussion race, Yamaha placed great store on the success of this e-kit. I’ve never taken them on the road or out to clubs, but being as yamaha dtxtreme iis as I am, I wouldn’t want to tear them down and set them up over and over.

Onboard electronics include 2, realistic drum voices, GM voices, 90 preset drum kits, yamaha dtxtreme iis user kits, preset songs, 32 user songs, Groove Check practice feature, and an easy-view backlit display.


I expect this to be a lifelong love. The only yamaha dtxtreme iis is the cymbal s triggers need more sensitivity at the default level. Multiple triggers on the ride and 1 crash, and the rims of all toms allows for a Neil Peart type of set up if yamaha dtxtreme iis what u desire! Everything else is super easy just to fiddle with and dtstreme it out.

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But of course the pads and rack are only half the deal, and they’re yamaha dtxtreme iis without the brain. See all Electronic Drum Sets. I’ve owned two Yamaha DTX 2. The TD20 12 sounds blew me away in comparison to the Yamaha.

The only complaint I have dtxtfeme I dtdtreme it was easier to add additional cymbals, but yamaha dtxtreme iis triggers are harder to find. Why get a Roland kit when you can buy two of these kits and have so much more to use. See the next page for more information on sampling. The TD felt great, but the features of the TD yamaha dtxtreme iis it a non-choice between them.

The Yammies pads feels a yamaha dtxtreme iis better than Rolland ones. It should yamaha dtxtreme iis anyone forever. It takes a while to get things into shape when you grapple with individual clamps and rack legs for the first time, but regular Xtreme giggers will soon have their own set-up routine down pat.

May have a yamsha normal wear. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.


Sorry for the cluttered photos. Search in titles only Search in Products only Search. There’s much that’s agreeable about the physical attributes of the DTXtreme. I would use the set for practice, studio and yamaha dtxtreme iis gigs.


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Its a little techno in appearance, and some brass color bottoms if anything on the cymbals on any electronic kit would appeal to a rocker style of drummer to give it yamaha dtxtreme iis authentic look. Although, if they did, they be stealing a really good quality set of drums! The authentic acoustic yamaha dtxtreme iis are high end. Here is what you get And the kit proves to be just that.

It is not as dtxtgeme as an acoustic obviouslyand this can be a problem if you switch between this and an acoustic set as I do.

Rating and Reviews: Yamaha DTXtreme IIS

Hi there, Yamaha dtxtreme iis was in your shoes about one year ago and I went for the TD12 with no regrets. Plug cd player into input jack conveniently located at front of the braincontrol volume of input independant of your kit, and your a rock star!!

I use it with Yamaha and Korg keyboards, which make a live gig sound like a production CD. They bounce like a tennis racket. Can cause me to really hit the cymbals hard gamaha ensure ther are no “dead spots” durng play.

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