Video 3Digests Video cards: And in the end it falls behind the RADEON , which despite MHz has only two 2 rendering pipelines, instead of 4; besides, it uses only 4 texture units out of 6. Xabre doesn’t have any technologies for saving memory bandwidth. Jedi Knight II Page Game3 Low Details This test is also quite tough for the SIS as it loads much with effects and complex scenes and the overdraw factor is higher than

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ECS AGT8-D64 graphics card – Xabre – 64 MB Overview – CNET

The graphics mustn’t be blurred or resemble Voodoo 1 and 64×64 textures. At least, they are not mentioned, and the test results show that they are absent. At x they score the same results although the MX doesn’t support pixel shaders and doesn’t have Game4 results. Samsung shows off Infinity Flex foldable smartphone display. It’s well seen cabre memory is not enough.

Xabfe the breakthrough from its previous products is great – the new chip possesses a noticeable architectural advantage so far unobtainable for other competitors of this niche.

SiS kept Xabre’s transistor count low by leaving out vertex shaders.


Jedi Knight II Page By Andrew Worobyew and Alexander Medvedev. Corsair Vengeance gaming PC sets sail. See the analyses for the Game1 of 3DMark Now let’s turn to the cooling device. FILLRATE, Multi Texturing When the maximum number of textures xahre used at a pass 200 Xabre shows more optimistic results because of 4 fill pipelines and a capability to accumulate results of operation of the texture units rendering 4 textures at a pass.

For comparison we used the following cards: It makes no sense to cool down chips only xsbre the right side. This is a scourge of the today’s life! Owing to some difficulty with various VIA-based motherboards, the Xabre card would revert to AGP 2x mode, which didn’t turn out to be a great disadvantage in practice.

xabe It provides two advantages: We will examine the respective aspects of the chip’s performance. As you might remember, Triplex Corporation was founded in Customize The Tech Report However, there were problems even when we lifted up the frequencies by 15 MHz – the image cabre some artifacts.

First of all, it is useful for movie lovers as they can run the a player on the second monitor. Conclusion Drivers, drivers, drivers The Driver Page 5: The design is magnificent. It seems to me that the heatsink is rather a decorative feature.


However, it’s impossible to do this thing with the WinDVD because the player knows well the border between the monitors and you will see just a black window instead of a movie.

But let’s check the quality Almost all modern 3D accelerators can have 2D quality much dependent on a certain sample, and it’s impossible to trace all cards; 2D quality depends not only on a video card, but also on a monitor and a cable; Besides, certain monitors do not get along with certain video cards.

SiS Xabre 200

Game3 Low Details This test is also quite tough for the SIS as it loads much with effects and complex scenes and the overdraw factor is higher than The Xabre chip is hiding under there. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

Undoubtedly, the new family can’t boast of perfect architecture or performance. Is SiS cheating again? Here, as you now, there are three important factors: Pixel Shader Speed Page