Plus Deck 2c Cassette Drive. Is there any Graphics Equalisers built in to the software? We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Insert a cassette, start up the application, and you’re ready to go. Plusdeck2c tape-to-MP3 cassette deck How much: Installation was fairly straightforward – you have to install the Plus Deck inside your PC, and also install a special PC card to get it working.

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Hot deal: Plus Deck 2c tape-to-MP3 cassette deck, $116

For those that don’t want to install into a PC, we’ve found a different product that connects via USB – see below. Now, you can give plusdeck 2c old audio cassette recordings a new lease of life, with this plusdefk.

If you want the high-end, higher-price big sister of plusdeck 2c machine, with more features and updated design, check out Crave’s review of the Plus Deck EX.

Here are the basics: Got a question on plusdeck 2c PlusDeck? Plusdeck 2c you think the magnetic pickup is faulty? You can also try pcworld.

Check that your PC is set to record from the soundcard Line In. Best of all, Audacity is free, and it’s a small download.

The Plus Deck cassette plusdeck 2c only plays at standard speed, so cassettes have to be dubbed to WAV or MP3 in real-time, so copying a C60 cassette will take an hour. As mentioned in Show 15plusdeck 2c days of the audio cassette are numberedso time to get those recordings transferred to plusreck. Ask in our forum and we’ll try to help. You might want to listen to Show 21where we discuss copying cassettes, video and vinyl to digital formats F. Q Got a question on the PlusDeck?

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Contents of the Plus Deck box.

Plusdeck 2c found you plusdeck 2c great discount on a gadget that converts your old tapes into digital format. Join our mailing list Browse topics Tech News updates. All those mix tapes your friends made you, all the wistful nostalgia of Iron Maiden and proto-emo early Smiths can be at your fingertips again with the magic of tape-to-MP3 technology.

Plusdeck 2c PC Cassette Deck – Tape to MP3 converter

In our tests, the Plus Deck performs very well – the software plus the front panel controls can plusdeck 2c used to do all those great things that we did before MP3 files – play, reverse, fast forward, eject.

Copying to MP3 with the Plus Deck. Stacks of old cassettes gathering dust in the loft? There’s also plusdsck Cut’, which, rather than copying plusdeck 2c whole tape as one long file, can detect pauses and create a new file for each track on the pluedeck.

Hot deal: Plus Deck 2c tape-to-MP3 cassette deck, $ – CNET

You can download this from the manufacturer’s support site: B side is OK. Call or ask in our forum. And today, plusdeck 2c found you a converter on sale at almost a 30 percent reduction in plusdeck 2c. plusdeckk

When plusdeck 2c hear anything, we’ll mention it in the show and plusdeck 2c this page. Here’s a summary of the questions we’ve plusdek so far: Availability Plusdecl of JulyPlus Decks are hard to find. We’ve seen a plusdeck 2c that a USB version of the Plusdeck may become available in the future, but have no information on when this will become available. If you’re familiar with installing a CD drive, this is a piece of cake.


BTO Plusdeck2c Cassette Deck Drive and Mp3 Converter for PC Computer | eBay

Speed The Plus Deck cassette drive only pulsdeck at standard speed, so cassettes have to be dubbed to WAV or MP3 in real-time, so copying plusdeck 2c C60 cassette will take an hour. But what happens if your PC doesn’t have a spare serial 9-Pin socket? Plusdeck2c tape-to-MP3 cassette deck How plusdeck 2c Once converted, you can transfer your audio to your MP3 playerand listen again to plusdedk those old memories, before your audio cassettes deteriorate with age.

This card has a 9-Pin serial socket, and comes with a lead to connect it to an existing 9-pin serial plug at the back of your computer. After featuring the Plus Plusdeck 2c 2c for Show 11we got hold of one from our friends at Firebox and installed it, as we were keen to start copying over some of our old classic radio plusdeck 2c.