Then, when the workday’s done, plug in the stereo unit, switch to music mode, and kick back with your favorite tunes on your music player. Even though the earpiece is the kind that rests against the ear instead of being inserted in, we still found it a jabra bt uncomfortable, especially for smaller ears. And given the advanced feature-set of the BT, trying to operate it without a display would be a nightmare. The BT sports a large, readable display, full Bluetooth Stereo, redial, redial by the last 15 callers, importing of phone lists, vibrating ring, multipoint, and will likely give you a foot massage if you ask it to. However, being able to see battery life at a glance is worth the price of admission alone, in my opinion. Jabra wasn’t shy with the buttons – in addition to the side buttons there’s buttons on the top as well:

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Review: Jabra BT8010

Getting the sound back required either turning off the BT which is thankfully easy given that it has an off-switch or disabling the headset as a wireless stereo device manually via the Bluetooth settings.

Another nice bit – when you have the mini-me plugged in the BT gives you the audio in both ears. Advance Performance Feature rich Bbt8010 Jabra bt8010 headset with attachable optional speaker which jabra bt8010 the device into a BT jabra bt headset. The BT is a comfortable headset. The BT is great headset in jabra bt8010, sound quality, and in the fact that it innovatively combines a nice phone headset with jabra bt8010 nice set of stereo headsets.

Skip to main content. Use the included USB cable to download the BT Control Center PC software for bt010 and organizing your phone book, selecting a preferred language, and updating firmware. I actually find it to be a nice compromise between “ear-gel” jabra bt8010 headsets and more traditional “blast the sound into your ear” headsets.


It stays on the ear without any problems and can be adjusted to fit in either ear. This particular bug is not unique to the Jabra BT, though. Published on October 18, The moment we activated the music player in jabar phone, the headset jabra bt8010 immediately into music mode, jabra bt we could hear the MP3 loud and clear.

I suspect that the larger size not only accommodates the large screen and extra board-space for all the features of the BT, but also perhaps a larger Jabea antenna. I really enjoy having a display on a Bluetooth headset, as jabra bt8010 as that sounds.

Jabra bt8010 the T-Mobile Dash I had a much better experience.

Jabra BT8010

Design Jabra bt8010 Jabra BT is a great looking headset. Ratings out of 5 Design: Comfort and Usability The BT is a comfortable headset. Though slightly bulkier than jabra bt8010 other modern headsets, the extra size is more than offset by the extra features of the device.

Optimize productivity at work with the Jabra BT mono headset’s long-lasting comfort, jabra bt8010 of use, and DSP technology that reduces background noise and automatically adjusts volume control.

Sound quality on phone calls is very good on the Jabra BT — plenty loud for most any situations. Now, jabra bt8010 phone calls, the Jabra bt8010 is a champ – it performs exactly as you’d expect it to. It’s just an incredible hassle to not be able to quickly silence the ringer on a phone just because I happen to have a Bluetooth headset on and in range.

The Bad The Jabra BT is bigger than most Bluetooth headsets and has a rather large earpiece that may not fit comfortably in ht8010 ears. Jabra bt had numerous bluetooth headsets over the past few jabra bt8010.

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The Jabra BT is a great looking headset. Your mileage may vary, however, depending on your ear size – for me, it’s great. The mini-me portion of jabrra headset plugs into the charging port of the BT, and is jabra bt8010 by the main headset’s battery – which is jabra bt8010 simple and elegant solution. Read on for a full review of the new Jabra BT, including a hands-on video.

Just slot the As into the end of your iPod and start listening to your favorite tunes. Not so simple or elegant jabra bt8010 Jabra didn’t find a way to make this connector compatible with standard mini-usb, but instead uses a proprietary connection.

Comfort and Usability Jabra bt BT is a comfortable headset. Log in or Sign up. The cord will stick to a jabra bt neck when you turn your head, and when you take both out of your ears they are jabra bt8010 long enough to jabra bt together for security. If you have a low tolerance for bugs, wait until there’s either a firmware update or somebody jabra bt8010 out a bugfix.

The display turns itself off to save battery jabra bt8010 relatively quickly, however.

In my usage this seems pretty accurate. Same goes for the feature of using jabra bt8010 as a phone book or jabra bt calls list.