In order to start the demo follows these steps:. Hi Adam, I just checkout the repo 3 days ago. The consumption of the wifi dongle is mA in standby and mA when active. If you experience problems in booting from mmc enter u-boot and issue the following command:. Place the Console-VX board on a flat, static-safe surface, position the Verdex Pro COM over the board so the white connectors are aligned and gently press down until the connectors are fully mated, i.

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A specific firmware must be charged on the e-puck to run the Gumstix Overo linked demos, refer to section E-puck firmware. On Thu, Mar 19, at 6: These scripts are intended for primary use with the USB otg port, even if they’re suitable for both ports otg and host. The following figures show how the device is mounted on the extension: The system is based on:. Usually, when the Wifi dongle is connected to the AP, a message is written in the message buffer of the kernel. Free forum by Nabble.

However, when i changed the network with a new ssid and psk, it cannot connect to the new network. The consumption of the robot and extension is mA; with the Zyxel wifi dongle inserted standby the consumption goes up to mA; when the wifi dongle becomes active, the consumption reaches mA.

If you have OpenEmbedded installed in your system you could simply bitbake the external dependencies in our example bitbake jpeg and then compile your application.


Cannot bring up WiFi with Gumstix Overo

The application communicates also with the robot through the serial line to know the camera orientation and rotates the image automatically in case the camera is rotated refer to section e-puck camera for more information on camera orientation.

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Can you take a look ovwro https: These files must contain instructions to initialize the gpio line that we want to export in user space and set their direction and initial value. Alternatively you can have a look the gumstix documentation on how to create a bootable microsd card. Connect any peripherals you would like to use, as well as the WiFi antenna and LCD cable to their respective connectors.

Of course you can also install the compiler directly on the embedded system and build the applications from it, but the process will take longer due to limited computational power compared to a developing machine. When using this firmware the body led and front led aren’t usable; the two extra voero range proximity sensors mounted on the gumstix extension are also not available with e-puck2. Communicating with the ground sensor is as easy as open a device and reading from it; a source code example can be found in the following link http: If you want to have a look a the source code, you can clone lvero git repository by issueing the command git clone -b gumstix –recursive https: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain [ Here you will find the models, schematics, and production references you need to create Overo-based products.


In this event, the ‘setupWifi’ script will return several errors, some of which will say “No Such Device.

Setting up Wifi on Gumstix Overo Fire

Our Support page links additional resources. Many signals come directly from the OMAP processor, so you can read about the function by looking at the processor data sheet.

The -Dmarvell option will yield the message “Unsupported driver ‘marvell’. In the rootfs partition, create a new service script: I can ping google. To know which modes are available for the pins consult the chapter 7-System Control Module more specifically 7.

Some default gujstix do not enable any Wifi. The following figure illustrates where the components are physically placed on the e-puck extension board for the Gumstix Overo COM.

Disabling the WiFi on the Gumstix Overo Fire – OZ9AEC Website

This has the advantage to be more robust against failure. The “-Bw” causes a usage message to be dumpted to the screen. Widi consumption of the wifi dongle is mA in standby and mA when active. Below is some debug info: