Under Windows the driver should be quite stable and can be considered beta quality. Fixed bug in the ifsmount. Login or create an account to post a review. The tool will give you a hint on how to resolve the problem. You can use a known persistent volume name for a specific volume in order to create a new drive letter: This software does not achieve booting a Windows operating system from an Ext2 volume.

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If there are any, it if the already mentioned replay of the journal, which means that all data of the journal is written to the file system, and any data will be removed from it.

Fixed bug that caused the computer to hang up after a Pnp unexpected removal occurred while an application was holding a file or directory handle opened. Creating, modifying and removing of drive letters is very simple.

If you do not want to see the debug output, you can just ignore it.

Fixed bug that prevented a virtual machine software from opening more than one virtual disk file. Overview User Reviews Specs.

Ext2 IFS For Windows: Troubleshooting

You must have administrator rights. It may be copied and distributed free of charge as long as no modifications are made in the software and no components are added or removed. But this set feature bit causes old Linux Kernels, which do not support large files version 2.


It is a NE bit dynamically loaded library.

Please use the dxt2 Drives” item, which has been installed on the system’s control panel. If you mount an Ext3 file system as an Ext3 file system journaling and the file system is not cleanly dismounted due to a system crash, things are much better: User names are readable and passwords of these users can be quite easily cracked and modified! You are logged in as.

Ext2 Installable File System For Windows

The ext2 driver does not attempt to issue any trim operation on drives which are not able to perform a trim operation. You need not run e2fsck.

The first two methods are standard NT 5. Fixed bug that could cause a blue screen on writing files; in most cases it happened when writing a file larger than 4 GB the very first time on a volume.

Installable File System

If the volume is the root volume of an old Linux installation, its Linux Kernel will become inoperable it will enter the maintenance mode on booting. Complete reading and writing access to files and directories of volumes with the Ext2 or Ext3 file system. Because the Ext2 IFS software need not to create them, it intentionally does not show any partition scheme for that drive.

Jfs Setup Wizard large image. Ifa setup wizard of this software asks the user whether the large file feature should be enabled and configures the file system driver ext2fs.


This may be useful if you have installed both Windows and Linux as a dual boot environment on your computer.

Otherwise you have to create drive letters manually in the “IFS Drives” item on the control panel, but only once initially. There are thirteen separate versions of the drivers ext2fs. Each line corresponds to a mounted volume.

What is the Huge File Feature and how is it configured? It uses the file cache of the Windows operating system. Now mountvol will report the persistent volume name example: This limitation does not apply for the utilities of the e2fsprogs, for example, e2fsck or mke2fs. To conclude, the block size capabilities of the Ext2 file system driver only give a benefit if you are accessing volumes used with some uncommon hardware, for example, an Itanium box, or, not mentioned yet, a MIPS embedded computer, and others.

In this way data loss and damaging the file system is avoided when the journal is subsequently replayed. Ext2 volumes get drive letters for instance O: If you choose the simple setup option, the huge file feature is disabled.

What about block sizes up to 64KB?