We also shot the resolution target with the “Digital Zoom” enabled at both 2x k and 4x k settings. QVSX “High Points” overview Several readers have requested quick, up-front feature summaries of the cameras we review, which we’ll be doing from this point onward. Now’s the time to go into it in more detail. The QVSX is a bit different than many cameras though, in that the focus lock doesn’t simultaneously lock the exposure as well. It begins recording when you press the shutter button, and ends when the camera runs out of memory.

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As with the QV, we found that the 5000xs on the QVSX was somewhat prone to producing oddly-colored images when shooting under moderate levels of incandescent lighting. Several of the included software packages provide for image manipulation, and the creation of various projects such as calendars, cards, etc.

Alternatively, you can manually select a fixed white balance to compensate for incandescent, fluorescent, or daylight lighting. Exposure time is apparently controlled both through the mechanical shutter, as well as electronically, through the CCD itself.

Self-Timer Mode Self-timer mode is 5000sx by a stopwatch icon. Other options on the record menu include White Balance auto, incandescent, fluorescent, daylight ; Aperture auto, F2.

Casio QV-5000SX (1998)

PhotoDeluxe includes the greatest number of “guided activities,” and the most fonts and project templates, while Ixlaphoto cwsio “album” organization capabilities, tools for business presentations, and the ability to create simple web pages.

This results in a smaller data file, containing only the pixels from the center of the array. The maximum data-transfer rate between the QVSX and a computer isbaud. Color in this sunlit outdoor shot iamera excellent, detail good to very good.

From there, it’s easy to select multiple images for download, and then transfer all the selected shots in a single download.


Of course, there are downsides to LCD viewfinders as well: This may be of interest to people wishing to either take long time-lapse sequences, or those industrious enough to write software to drive it as a “webcam”. What Casio has done in the QVSX and most cadio their other QV-series cameras is to use greater amplification on the CCD’s electrical signals when shooting in low light than is common among other manufacturers.

Casio QV-5000SX

A few units provide one or two fixed focus points as a manual override, but few offer the range of manual focus adjustment that the QVSX does. Panorama Mode We discussed panorama mode at some length earlier, so won’t spend much time on it again here. You could achieve the same effect by simply cutting out the center of a file in an image editing application, and saving it as a separate image. Explore the links at the bottom of this page, to see how well the QV performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying.

Thus, in our view, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages! Images from the host can also be uploaded back to the camera, increasing the QV’s usefulness as a presentation device. One unfortunate consequence of turning the display off though, is that this disables the menus! Like many smaller digital cameras, it will fit comfortably in the average shirt pocket, but its weight clearly won’t let you forget that it’s there.

To our eye, the 4x-mode images were far too pixelated and soft to be of much value. On the other hand, we didn’t see much point in the 4x zoom which interpolates the central x portion of the CCD up to a x imageas the resulting images were so soft and lacking in detail.

Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all by Lori Grunin.


With the back-panel switch set to “Rec,” you’re ready to take a picture.

Casio QVSX – digital camera Overview – CNET

The autofocus lens mentioned earlier also has a macro mode selectable from the top-panel controlsas well as a caxio mode. Bottom line, the flash was quite usable under all conditions, but required a little manual fiddling under moderate incandescent lighting. Like most digital cameras, the control layout of the QVSX favors the right hand, with most major functions controlled by either the right forefinger, or by pressing one of the four buttons arranged along the bottom of the rear panel.

In the QVSX though, a clever panorama capture mode saves a slice of the image from the right-hand side of the previous frame, and moves it over to the left-hand side as an aid to alignment.

Overall, the QVSX is a capable photographic tool, while still retaining some 5000ssx the “gadget” 5000zx of the earlier Casio units.

We say “simulates,” because the end result is not the same, and it’s important to understand the difference. In this mode, the LCD panel acts as a viewfinder, but also gives you some information on camera settings: They retained their unique “mini-movie” capability, now permitting up to 6. This shot 98k shows the results of a 2x zoom, which brings the minimum area down to 1. It would be nice if finer focus adjustments were available, as we’re concerned that the camera’s depth of field at maximum aperture may dijifal smaller than distance between adjacent focus steps.

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