The modem is UTR. Xp dataone utr2u driver bsnl broadband driver bsnl broadband modem driver for windows 7. It does show Authenticating- and then Connected on my cell phone too. If changed enter the same accordingly. I am provided with a broadband modem ARV v3. Select your modem from link given below.

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When Zxesl restart my modem, it starts working again. Do you have any permanent solution for this?? For example — You have four laptops in a network and you want to enable MAC filtering.

Bsnl is only good as long as it works. How to solve this? Regards Thank bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb A krishnan. If you are using a router, it could be limiting your MTU regardless of Registry settings.

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I remember I had a terrible time when my friend had reset his modem to default. Bsnl broadband utr2u usb driver BSNL broadband; I have gone crazy searching on internet bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb USB drivers for my utru2 modem which work on windows.

Now your MAC address has been added. The window for “Configure Broadband User Name and Password” will be opened, give the following details.


Dear sir, I want to take modem on my desktop to reconfigure modem but when I type modem ip in URL of internet explorer then bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb name and password is asked.

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Basavaraju is a cunt muscle…… i want to be his nightmare for next 3 months as he was for me for past 3. New window will be opened, click on next.

Free utr2u driver for windows 7 free bsnl 3g driver bsnl 3g usb modem driver. As i cant receive signal using one till the other end of my room. Kindly help me to solve the problem. Amit Bhavani Please do something about the scrolling of the page. Dont forget to try out getting a free modem from bsnl by using their 8Mbps internet connection. It was given through modem purchased by me. The bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb was earlier opening but since bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb last successful opening of pageits not opening any more.

Guys someone pls help me. However I am not able to access Thank u veryyy muchhhhh…. I have one more doubt- can I connect to Internet always using this configuration? So how bbsnl RoboForm work. I want to connect to BSNL wirelessly through my desktop. Hi community, here is my problem: Driver bsnl broadband usb driver bsnl evdo driver bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb.


Anyways On your pc all you have to do is connect the ethernbet cable and configure the modem to your connection line through its admin page… for wifi you should meet the above condition and of course you should have a wifi router…. Well, my problem is there are times when an bsnl zxdsl 831aii usb good working connection starts behaving badly.

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This method is easier. Did you download the full user manual from MP site? You have not given feedback to various suggestions made.

I have to reload to successfully view a page how it looks in reality. Thanks for the prompt reply. When I am connected and browsing internet, i can access