It can be done through EVR filter, as you can see below: When I select a channel I just get audio. Last time I used it, just compiled the program, and it worked immediatemy. Numbering always starts from zero. Are any of these in the answer file?

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In this case, the multiplex scanning algorithm should be like this: You can use the renderer, which is more suited to your task.

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Wednesday, January 8, 9: I have been trying to make this work with no luck. How did you find the physical channels? When I even try and use the unified “Microsoft Network Provider” in graphedit it doesn’t seem to have property pages that allow me to specify a channel, maybe it’s different in other OS’s, this is Vista.

Denis Lysikov Software Developer. In this case, the multiplex scanning algorithm should be like this:. You can also gain more data using other IDviSiParser methods.

Features of DVB-T2 application development using C# and DirectShow.NET library

I’ve chosen EVR in order to show the features of working with it, as well as to tell about the issues of making video screenshots see below. Saturday, March 15, 4: Driver might be corrupt or missing Code 39 “: All necessary channel information can be obtained using IDviSiParser methods: Friday, January 10, After plugging in the device, Windows Event Viewer gave the unhelpful message: If you decide to draw a graph using GraphEdit manually – it will probably look like this: I am able to get the analog mapped but since there are no more /receiver/reneer signals, this does not do me much good.


There is another feature /receiver/rended the IKsPropertySet’s methods invocation for filter pins. So I hope this article will be interesting to people who are starting to develop programs working with DVB devices, but also have some experience with DirectShow and C language of course. How can I debug exactly what the driver manager is looking for? I’m absolutely certain the problem is “missing dependency”.

Articles Quick Answers Messages. I don’t think the validate button actually works. Hey Greg, Do you know how I can specify the channel to the Microsoft network provider in this code?

Keep in mind that this method works only if you are using a generic Microsoft Network Provider filter in the graph, not “Microsoft DVB-T Network Provider” like in the demonstration program. Then fill in the definite channel’s SID. In this article I’m going to tell about the features of working with DVB-T2 TV tuners and the nuances that you can expect in this /receeiver/render. You should keep in mind that data from MPEG-2 service tables is broadcasted continuously with other data such as video and audio content streams.


Channel selection To select the desired channel you should: NET due to a DirectShow bug.

How to Use DVB Dream

Your code this very good!! Call Microsoft Network Provider Filter properties. Sunday, December 29, 3: DVB-T2 standard includes two operation modes: You can configure the types of pins, depending on the video and audio stream information from MPEG-2 stream system tables see below.

Thursday, August 13, 7: