Areas in direct contact with the GPUs are equipped with micro-channels of 0. In summary, the build quality is good but take care with that silver paint. Core Duo T, 1. Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: Given that my 2MB-cache Core Duo scores 1min20sec, and considering that the T has only half the cache, the score is respectable.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. The auto exposure of the camera of course hides the difference between these two settings. Running with Aero and Vista gadgets on will get you around cxmera hours 15 mins I believe.

Caamera of all, this cooler is initially equipped with one mm fan, entitled Scythe Glide Stream. Additionally, each modification is supplied in two versions: The case inside is wrapped in a white non-woven fabric bag, and then sandwiched between two foam retainers.

Given that the GPU also takes its share of to MB, that leaves precious little for applications. If you need the laptop for more than emailing, surfing, and document editing, upgrading to cameda is a must.


Unknown manufacturer Unknown platform. It boots up and shuts down faster than my V6J XP — but of course I have installed all the software I need on the V6J whereas the A8 is quite fresh and nearly nothing is installed.

Of course that’s easy because the provided RAM is 1x1GB and there is one free slot, as opposed to many other notebooks in this price range which offer 2xMB making you necessarily waste MB after an upgrade. Layout ports and others I think saus quite well-done. There is very little wobble in the hinges, there is absolutely no ripple in the LCD no matter how hard you push its cover from behind; the plastic in the cover is very hard.

Summary I think the A8He is a very good budget notebook.

Download driver ASUS USB2.0 UVC VGA WebCam

It has a schematic picture of the case and the list of its specifications. I wonder, how difficult would it be to do a clean install? Silent Base Overview Part I. For its price EUR including VAT here in Netherlands, around including shipping it offers a very respectable array of features that I believe are quite difficult to beat: Log in or Sign up. Viewing angles are about the asud as my Xsus, which is to say not so good see pictures below.


Conclusion In order not to repeat the summary, I will mainly give a list of pros and cons. Idle battery rundown time 3 hours and 5 minutes, until notebook hibernation with the default Vista settings.

The heatsink features an extraordinary shape that ameliorates the airflow between the fins.

Asus A8HE-4PP specifications

The content of delivery is packed in a small corrugated cardboard box. The battery goes to the front of the computer which means the lower side will stay put when you open the screen; which in turn 8ahe you’ll be able to open it with one hand.

Areas in direct contact with the GPUs are equipped with micro-channels of 0. Its weight is a little more than 9. I’ve been tinkering with it last evening, and I thought of sharing the experience.

About the same viewing angles. RedlineOct 16, Packaging and Equipment be quiet! But that comes with the territory budget notebook can’t expect too a8ne here The wall-side cable for the adapter is very short about 50cm.

Also drivers might present a problem I don’t know to what extent though.