The installation program will remember the most recently used license key and will use it during upgrades, so you would not have to keep pasting it every time. Specify the maximum value for the Varchar data type. I resolved that issue. Note The Bytea data type is only used by Amazon Redshift system tables and views, and otherwise is not supported. We use cookies to provide and improve our services. Specify the number of rows in Cache Size. The default is enabled.

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The default value is aginity odbc By this time, you might have received the license code. When you run the application, aginity odbc Home page opens to osbc access to such components and tools as Query AnalyzerData Management Workbench aginity odbc, Attribute Workbenchand the Publication Wizard. Show Boolean Column As String. Click Accept and continue when you have successfully validated the entitlement. If you launched your cluster without specifying a database name, type dev ; otherwise, use the name that you chose during the launch process.

Topic last updated Tuesday, November I could not know which one for windows 10 to aginkty to Netezza. Select this aginity odbc to enable support for Unicode characters.

Select this option if you want query results to be returned one row at a time to the Aginity odbc client tool or application. After you finish these steps, system administrators and possibly data architects depending upon permissions in your environment should install the Metadata Location. Download one of the following, depending on the system architecture of your SQL client aginity odbc or application:.


We installed it in our base as local Admin, but, every new user gets prompted for the activation.

ibm – Unable to connect too netezza using Aginity. IM Odbc driver manager error – Stack Overflow

Sign up using Facebook. If you installed Aginity Amp as an administrator and made it accessible ainity all users by selecting the Apply license to all users check box, you can find the application code in the Program Files directory, for example, C: It will not accept personal gmail, yahoo or outlook email id.

When the License Key prompt appears, paste the key you have been aginity odbc into the Specify the Aginity Aginity odbc Amp license below box either paste manually, click Paste aginity odbc clipboardor select Load from File if you have the key saved in a file.

Select this option if you aginity odbc Boolean values to be displayed as string values instead of bit values. An Amazon Redshift master user or user account to connect to the database. The Aginity Amp application is installed into your user home directory, for example, c: Double click on the aginity odbc Aginity workbench to start installation.

Installing the Client Tools

For example, if your SQL client tool is bit, install the bit driver. Type the name aginity odbc the Amazon Redshift database.


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Please refer to your browser’s Help pages for instructions.

Netezza Connection Help

Select this option if you want query results to be returned to the SQL aginity odbc tool or application in a specified number of rows at a time. Download one aginity odbc the following, depending on the system architecture of your SQL client tool or application: Select this option to enable showing text as LongVarChar.

The installation will proceed and provide status on the last page. This site uses Akismet to reduce aginity odbc. In the Start menu, in your list of programs, locate the driver folder or folders. Type the password that corresponds to the database user account.

Logging decreases performance, and it can consume a large aginity odbc of disk space. Disabling this option improves performance, but it can increase the number of out-of-memory errors. Netezza windows drivers are required.